Track Your Flights


Business (and leisure) travel season is just starting to kick into high gear. As you head out on the road this year, you should consider beginning to log your travel. There is absolutely no reason to do this other than it is fun to look back at where you’ve been, what you’ve flown, and how often you’ve flown in a given year.

There are several websites where you can enter your data. I started using myFlightradar24 several years ago and have stuck with it. If you’re a travel nerd like me, it is fun to go back and see a statistical breakdown of all your travel (including class of service, aircraft type, airline, etc.). It also builds a neat heat map that shows the routes and frequencies you’ve flown.

Unfortunately, there is no way of looking up historical data if you don’t remember it. But, it’s never too late to start! Each flight only takes about 30 seconds to add into the database. I’ve started a habit of entering my data immediately upon landing, before even reaching the gate, so I never have to go back and enter data later.

As I said, there is absolutely no reason you need to do something like this. But if you’re reading this article, you have at least a slight interest in travel, so why not begin documenting everywhere you’ve been?


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