Delta Connection ERJ-175 Comfort+

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ABOUT THE CABIN: The Embraer ERJ-175 Comfort+ cabin is configured with 20 seats in a 2-2 arrangement. Overhead bin space is smaller than Delta mainline aircraft and fills up quickly. Small rollerboard suitcases fit in the overhead bins sideways, but most have to be gate-checked as you board. Gate-checked bags are picked up on the jetway upon arrival and are not checked through to your final destination.

SEAT WIDTH: 18.3 inches SEAT PITCH: 34 inches

SOFT PRODUCT: Comfort+ passengers receive SkyPriority boarding privileges. Complimentary coffee, alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, and mixed drinks), and non-alcoholic beverages are available on flights over 350 miles. Fresh fruit and premium snacks are offered on flights over 900 miles. Food is available for purchase on most flights.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Seats in Row 5 have the most legroom on the plane (even more than First Class) due to the position of the last row in First Class. Rows 6-9 are standard Comfort+ seats.

SEAT SUGGESTION: Seat 5A is the best if traveling alone. It has the most leg room and you can exit your seat without making the passenger in 5B get up. Seat 5B has additional legroom due to the single seat in Row 4, but does not have under-seat stowage. Seats 5C and 5D have additional leg room as well, and both seats have their own under-seat stowage.

Delta Connection ERJ-175 Comfort+ (5A)

Delta Connection ERJ-175 First Class (2A)