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ABOUT THE CABIN: The Boeing 737-800 Economy cabin is configured with 108 seats in a 3-3 arrangement.

SEAT WIDTH: 17.2 inches SEAT PITCH: 31-32 inches

SOFT PRODUCT: Complimentary coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks are available on flights over 350 miles. Food is available for purchase on most flights.

HARD PRODUCT: Delta is refurbishing the cabins in the Boeing Sky Interior that features larger overhead bins, LED mood lighting, and upgraded seats. Each seat features a large personal video screen, USB charging port, and adjustable headrest.

ROWS 16-19: Standard Economy seats that are identified as Preferred, which are available to SkyMiles Medallion members for no extra cost. Non Medallion members may select these seats for an additional cost.

ROW 16: Limited seat recline due to the exit row in Row 17.

ROW 17 (EXIT ROW): Additional legroom due to exit row, but limited seat recline due to the exit row in Row 18.

ROW 18 (EXIT ROW): Additional legroom due to exit row.

ROWS 19-32: Standard Economy seats.

ROW 33: Limited recline due to the bulkhead behind this row.


SKYMILES MEDALLION: Any seat in Row 18. There is additional legroom due to the exit row and the seats recline as normal. Avoid Rows 16 and 17 due to the limited recline.

NON SKYMILES MEDALLION: If you want additional legroom it might be worth the cost to select a seat in Row 18. Avoid Row 33 due to the limited recline.

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