Status Match to Hilton Honors

I just matched my Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier Elite status with Hilton Honors

I just matched my Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier Elite status with Hilton Honors

There’s one thing business travelers and frequent flyers want more than anything, status. Having status with a hotel loyalty program means room upgrades, lounge access, free breakfast (for some elites), and bonus points. Attaining status generally means grinding it out on the road for 25 to 50 nights or more over the course of a calendar year. Not the case right now with Hilton Honors! Hilton will match your current status with ANY hotel loyalty program. Simply visit and input your information. The process takes less than 5 minutes, and the status match will appear in your account in approximately 5 business days.

The match is good for 90 days, unless you complete the status match challenge. If you complete 4 stays in the next 90 days, your status will be locked through March 31, 2020. 8 stays in the next 90 days will get you Platinum through 2020.

Hilton Honors has some pretty important perks that aren’t offered by any of the other major loyalty programs. The two biggest of which are complimentary breakfast at all properties for Gold and above, and elite rollover nights.

My take on this offer: first of all - do it! It’s not every day that a loyalty program offers a straight-up status match (I believe I just said that in my Alaska Airlines MVP status match post). Second - this is almost certainly targeting unhappy Marriott and SPG loyalists after the rocky integration of their loyalty programs in August. The 2017 earning period was the last year for elite rollover nights - essentially disincentivizing loyalists to stay at Marriott properties once they reach their status level for the year.

I have a trip next week and considered staying at a Hilton to try out my new status and because my nights mean absolutely nothing at Marriott at this point for next year’s qualification. I ended up booking a Marriott property due to price, and because the hotel I’m booked at looks absolutely amazing (I won’t give that away yet - look for a review in the next week or two). The other shot at Marriott is the free breakfast for Gold Elites. Right now, Marriott Gold Elites are nothing but glorified Silver Elites with a different name. The first real level that means much of anything with Marriott is Platinum Elite, whereas Gold at Hilton comes with free breakfast at all properties.

I would love to hear your thoughts on hotel loyalty programs. Enjoy your new status if you decide to match!

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